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  • Balance Neurochemistry in the Brain
  • Improve Mood and Overall Well-being
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"Meditonin is a great aid for relaxation, meditation, and as an anxiety reliever — We recommend this to our patients, and use it ourselves."

—Dr. Nicole Shellen, ND, CHHP

      Holistic Health Practitioner, New York, NY


Self-perceived states during meditation, such as mindfulness, improved mood, increased focus, and high levels of awareness are highly dependent on the relative levels of neurotransmitters present in your brain. Meditonin™ is designed by scientists and meditation experts together to help restore the mind-state you are seeking -- providing a balance state of mind and optimal brain health.

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Who Uses Meditonin?

Meditonin is formulated for people who want to cultivate happiness and serenity, who have a zest for life and want to live in a state of mental clarity and peace. Here's a short list of some of our primary users:

  • • Meditation Students & Teachers
  • • Holistic Health Specialists
  • • People with Anxiety/Depression
  • • Yoga Practitioners

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Meditonin was designed by scientists and meditation experts together to help restore the mind-state you are seeking by providing the right blend of both stimulatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.


Revitalizes the brain and nervous system for optimal nervous system health.


Plays a regulatory role in balancing levels of neurotransmitters.


Has been shown to promote the alpha brain wave state seen in experienced meditators.

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The Meditonin complex was formulated by a team of scientists and meditation expert using the latest research data on meditation.


Our formula was designed with 7 of the most effective and most proven ingredients out there. We only include what WORKS.


We originally created Meditonin for our own use -- to enhance our level of mindfulness and our meditation practice and experience.

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See what our past clients have to say:

“4.7 OUT OF 5”
Meditonin is one of the best nutritional supplements I have tried. It works very fast and has helped me so far to increase my mental acuity and focus (particularly useful during exam periods) but has also helped me relax and sleep better. I haven't noticed any side effect, so I am very satisfied with how it works. So, for all of you who seek an effective product for your brain, this is the perfect solution!”
“Very nice product. After taking this for a month. I've seen change in my meditation habits. It is no longer a chore. My concentration and awareness have gone up. My mind is not all over the place. On top of that you get extra month supply if you buy extra bottles. Will share this product with friends and family so they can benefit from it as I did.”